Vlad Vit Architect & Master Builder

Catering to residential and recreational needs of Baby Boomers and their aging parents.

When you are done with your business or professional career and have taken care of everything and everybody- here is what you may like: A place of your own to take a break, to de-stress, detox, recharge the batteries. To heal mentally and physically. A space to think, go over the options and to plan. To be inspired and to discover. An environment created to relax, reconnect, enjoy, play and have fun.

A place to Dream…

Every Dream Needs a Home

This could be in shape of a new or second home, adapting your existing residence, building a new seasonal cabin or many other variations.

Then you need to talk to Vlad, a guy who has spent many years designing and building dream homes for himself and his wife as well as for others.

Vlad has a unique talent to interpret your dream and create something even more beautiful then what you imagined (as he is repeatedly told by his clients).

As for the geography, Vlad is passionately in love with nature in British Columbia and Pacific North West. The safest, healthiest and the most peaceful chunk of real estate on this Planet.

If any of this resonates with you reach out to Vlad here or call (604) 488 9289.
The initial consultation will be at no charge.

“My designs are partially inspired by the Northwest’s old growth forests, which resonate for me the best aspects of the Gothic cathedrals of my youth in Europe to the point of hearing the organ music.”

- Vlad Vit