Creek House

Sharon & Barry Promislow,
1320 19th St.,

West Vancouver, B.C.

To Whom it May concern:
We are the new owners of 1320 19th St., West Vancouver, Canada.
Use of this photo is governed by contract and intellectual property laws of Canada.We had admired Vlad Vit’s architecture for years, never dreaming we would have the opportunity present itself to live in one of his classics, and at a time in our lives when this particular creation is perfect for us, having the deluxe master suite on the main floor flowing off of the exciting main living areas. True to Mr. Vit’s architectural lexicon, our home is an outstanding, timeless, bright, western contemporary design with exquisite proportions, fine materials, and soaring arcs of wood and glass with superior detail. We had previously lived in an Arthur Erickson home for 28 years, and love this one even more, which is a great compliment.

Mr. Vit was brilliant in zoning this home into its landscape – not an easy task as it bridges over a creek. The interplay of the awesome interior spaces, opening into magical gardens, with privacy assured on every side by nature, is astonishing. My husband and I are commenting every day on a newly discovered detail that pleases our eye.

Since contacting him after our purchase, Mr. Vit has availed himself to answer all our questions regarding the home, which allows us to both honour the integrity of the design, and feel supported as we step into what feels to us a life long relationship. How special is it to know that the architect takes such pride in his work that he will provide insight through the years.

30230B05-3399-4063-AAF5-C86A84CE2F18We are happy to open our home to any prospective client of Mr. Vit’s, to experience how his older work was ahead of its time, and is current today. Feel free to contact us to confirm this recommendation.

Sharon and Barry Promislow